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Eagle Ray Divers Cozumel Diving School
Discover Scuba with Us!

If you have never been diving but have always wanted to try, this is the adventure for you! Experience life as a fish underwater with the amazing creatures of the sea! Cozumel offers world-class visibility, up to 200 feet on a good day, and a warm water temperature of about 80 degrees. Comfortable for even us big fish!

The Discover Scuba Course is a professionally designed course for people that have never had the chance to experience the incredible world beneath the waves. Your bi-lingual scuba instructor will share with you what the underwater world offers to a scuba diver. He will also discuss the effects of scuba on our bodies. Next, he will teach you how to wear and use the scuba gear.

Afterwards, your instructor will assist you in putting on your scuba gear. You'll then jump into the crystal clear shallow water and finally take your first breath underwater! You will practice the use of your scuba gear in five feet of water. Later, you'll slowly ease into deeper water to see all the colorful sea fans, soft and hard corals, sea urchins, rays, sea cucumbers, and lots of little creatures that you never imagined existed! The dive usually lasts about 45 minutes and reaches a maximum depth of 30ft.

Now is your chance!

Only $90

Includes one tank and one dive from the boat, and all gear and materials needed for the fun! The course is about three hours total.

Can't get enough?

Additional same day boat diving on a different shallow reef: Only $45 more, gear included!

If you're planning to Discover Scuba with Eagle Ray Divers, please check with your doctor.

Eagle Ray Divers Dive School offers PADI
Open Water Scuba Through Divemaster Certifications

Refresher course: $75, $35 for a second tank. For the certified diver only. Has it been more than 6 months since your last dive? Brush up on your scuba safety and buoyancy skills. The hour and a half class is given from the beach. We include the gear and even throw in a lesson on drift diving!

Open-Water Certification Referrals: $280 US from the boat

Don't forget your referral letter from your home instructor.You are almost there! An open water referral means that you have completed the first portion of your PADI open water scuba course consisting of a few quizzes related to your scuba manual, a final exam and your pool skills. You are now ready to complete the remaining skills in the crystal clear waters of Cozumel. Join us in the Caribbean where the sea is warm and the visibility is perfect! Why don your Pillsbury doughboy wetsuit and jump into 65 degree murky, mysterious lake water. The open water referral will only take 2 days to complete and you will go home a completely certified PADI scuba diver! What an easy way to work it! Do the classroom, pool work, and exams at home then come to Cozumel and let us take care of the fun!

Open water Certification: 4-5 days, $395 US

Go ahead and take the plunge! Becoming a certified diver is something that nearly anyone can accomplish! It's easy and safe. It also happens to be the only way to become a fish for a lifetime. This course usually takes 4 to 5 days to complete. To begin, you will need to read the PADI Open Water Dive Manual that will be loaned to you once you arrive. Each day, we will read a little and dive a little and take short quizzes. Before you know it, you'll be ready for your final written exam and certification dive. Once you pass, you will be fully certified and ready to dive without an instructor. What an awesome accomplishment to share with your friends back home!

Advanced Open Water Certification: 2-3 days, $295 US

This is the perfect course if you are planning on visiting Cozumel for 3 or more days! You will learn to perfect your buoyancy, deep dive, drift dive, navigation dive and better your overall diving skills. This is one of our favorite courses! The course is a short 2 to 3 days and you will go home an advanced certified diver. Please note that this course does not require a final exam or quizzes. You will spend your days reviewing your diving skills and learning new skills from the PADI advanced open water manual and better yet, putting those newly acquired skills to great use!

Rescue Diver Certification: 4-5 days, ask for course

All divers should consider certifing to a level of rescue diver. The survival skills taught here can be used both in and out of the water.

Divemaster Certification: ask for course info

Each course includes the use of a BCD and regulator, course manuals, exams, final test and your certification documents.

Eagle Ray Divers is a member of Cozumel's MEDITUR Hyperbaric Chamber; affiliated with the Clinic of San Miguel. Located on 6th street North # 135 between 5th ave and 10ave. The hyperbaric/diving physician and general practitioner is Dr. Pascual Piccolo. He can be reached at the clinic or by phone at 872-3070 or by calling us and we will connect you to him ASAP.

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